CEO And Founder - Thumbiko Shumba


I am Thumbiko Shumba. I am the holder of the Bachelor of Business Administration Degree. I believe in social change through sustainable solutions.

It is undeniable fact that the following are the order of the day in our society: crime, violence, murders, theft, juvenile delinquency, drug abuse, abortion, teenage pregnancies, early marriages, alcoholism, poverty, high population, environmental pollution, global warming, Plastic is littered almost everywhere in many places, poor sanitation, poor waste management, poor water management, discrimination, child labour, gender issues, obesity, malnutrition, stress, violence, education problems, health problems, poor management in private and public institutions, poor roads and transportation, unemployment, indecent jobs, corruption, tribalism, sexism, marriage breakdowns, poaching etc.

Where is our society heading to? Are we doomed for failure? Is catastrophe of imaginable proportions just around the corner? Should we turn our eyes blind or bury our heads in the sand hoping that the problems will disappear on their own?

If we are not going to do anything about these problems; then this will be a recipe for disaster for the future generation; and the posterity will not forgive us.

All in all, this urgent call to action should be taken seriously. Time is not on our side. We cannot afford another day pass-by without taking any corrective measure. I believe we can do it; and we will forever do it. Let us embrace social change. I use creative, sustainable, and long-term solutions to combat social problems. I have a higher purpose. I want to make the world a better place. I had to call myself out to do better and do something that had more impact. I fix humanity. I see the world as a place where we are all linked together. Let us help others regardless of distance. Let us help others and never give up. Let us achieve employee happiness, betterment of the world, improve things in the community, do community service, protect the environment, put values into business and buy things that are ethical and sustainable.

I possess amazing courage. I am a social advocate for those suffering. I am brave. I am brave as I take on enormous challenges to create positive social change through sustainable solutions. Getting access to financing is one of the impediments operating in this space. To achieve my goals, I am ever extremely passionate and persistent. I had an instinctive feeling that I would become a business owner. Furthermore, I had a deep yearning to help improve the lives of those in need. If not for my determination, persistence and a small team of devoted volunteers, TK Computers & Consultancy might not have gotten to where it is today. Great passion and strong character makes it possible for me to stick to the task when the going gets tough.

Growing my business is not just about selling BarEl software or providing consultancy services ; it’s about changing the communities and providing hope for those in need of help. The Name BarEl is derived from a biblical language. Bar Means Of and EL means God. We are all creation of God.

My team and I, believe in the urgency of solving massive problem so much that we change the way things are done to better support people and planet alongside profit. We recognize that traditional approaches to solving social problems may not offer the creative goals they are meant to rip out by the roots. We consistently invent new ways through sustainable business models to change our world. We are among the social entrepreneurs who are leading the charge. We know what we want to contribute to the world. My time in Malawi civil service and my experiences around the world as crucial learning opportunities. I began to recognize a specific gap in the NGO world, Private sector and public sector – a lack of affordable software in those sectors. I have been exposed to world poverty issues early in life. I am not a stranger to unemployment, poor health, poor education, business failure, poor nutrition, environmental degradation, crimes or other social problems. By investing in the community, TK Computers & Consultancy gives people a sense of ownership and a willingness to help the organization flourish.

My team and I would like to bring positive change within three years to youths, women and the disadvantaged in Mzuzu City and Hewe; particulary, Bongololo Village. I wanted to impact this area and give back We want to achieve better delivery of public services, better public finance management, better education, better health, reduced unemployment, reduced poverty, reduced crime, reduced inequalities, peaceful and inclusive societies; address climate change; conserve marine resources and water bodies; protect and restore terrestrial ecosystems and halt all biodiversity loss. We are targeting 600 youths. We collaborate with communities where we operate. We have an awesome team of partners and collaborators. We believe that it takes a village to create a successful social enterprise, and that village can sometimes come at a cost. We take advantage of local groups and free events that provide networking opportunities. We are passionate people working for both an income and a reason. We stick to values. Currently our priority is to make TK Computers & Consultancy a fully transparent company. Everyone in our firm is fully committed and excited about the direction we are going. It’s not only the right thing to do, but actually really inspiring. We thrive in full transparency and integrity. Something unique about us is that it is transparent about its costs and markups.

I decided to make Hewe and Mzuzu a priority for my humanitarian outreach efforts. I felt a pull to do something else. I noticed a problem that fired me up; and I wanted to help. Many people experience worse hardships. I observed people struggle through life. I become sensitive to the needs of people who are suffering. My reasons for starting a business were far from self-serving. I have an innate desire to make the world a better place. Poverty is one of my greatest concerns. I give assistance where I can. I give my excess clothes to the needy. I am a philanthropist in a small way. I have for a couple of times donated to a school for the Blind and an orphan centre, which are under the care of some religious groups. I for one, started taking steps in solving the problems affecting our communities while I was still a teenager. While at school, I used to assist my fellow students who had difficulties in understanding some topics of Mathematics or any subject until they mastered. I was a member of Wildlife and Environmental Society of Malawi whose objective was to protect the environment and the wildlife.

It is my wish to donate zillions of items to individuals in need across the globe. I am an entrepreneur at heart, and inside me I am actually in the same boat as these people. I have such empathy for the cycle they are caught in. I have plenty of passion and enough empathy to understand the local conditions well enough to ensure success.