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About BarEL


BarEl being an Enterprise Resource Planning tool makes superheroes, superstars , superpeople, superbusinesses and superorganisations through super-cost reduction, super-effieciency , super-effectiveness, super-economisation and super-productivity; thereby, super-maximizing profits and super-delighting your customers or your clients or your target group.

With BarEl , you will save time on a daily basis; thereby improving productivity. You will save money because you will be using less paper and less labour; thereby, enhancing profit margin. BarEl Provides effective solutions to existing problems; thereby, eliminating a certain amount of stress and saving mental sanity. BarEl is here to stay; and partnering with us is a safe decision.It is a very easy application to use and learn. With BarEl, you will enhance customer management, reduce costs, provide clear cut job with authorization. You will enhance security and the internal control environment through segregation of duties as a result of multi-logins. You will be in a position to compare and analyse data across your organization within a specific period and between two or more periods. With BarEl, you are assured of increased quality and accuracy of information. BarEl will facilitate intergration and collaboration across departments. BarEl will achieve centralization of data as well as harmonise and simplify disparate information.

  • BarEl is accurate and fast
  • With BarEl be assured of free gifts like Eisenhower Matrix, calculation of net profit tax and calculation of forex
  • It is reliable
  • It has an audit trail component.
  • It can not be easily deleted
  • It takes care of back up at the interval of the customer’s choosing.
  • Authorisations, checking and countersigning are done right in the system for some documents like PV.
  • It is capable of handling approvals by a Third person over a certain threshold.
  • BarEl is capable of easy customization or personalization

With BarEl, you can optimize operational efficiencies , make best use of available capacity to deliver to customers faster and in the most cost-effective way, and lower costs. With BarEl, you can deliver to your customers faster, you can control costs; you can reduce downtime and bottlenecks; you can measure and improve quality; you can increase productivity and output; you can reduce costs to compete; you can gain competitive advantage; increase productivity; minimise loss and lower costs. The software offers a unique level of cost and quality control. It measures performance to drive toward standards of operation for effectiveness, efficiency, productivity and Total Quality Management through zero defects policy, thereby, attaining optimal profits and satisfying customers;


BarEl provides solutions in the following fields or areas :

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Costing
  • Payroll
  • Revenue
  • Procurement
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Marketing, Sales Management and Selling
  • Operations Management
  • General Management and decision making
  • Planning
  • Statistics
  • Project Management
  • Point of sale or point of purchase documents
  • Loan or advance management
Why use BarEl software in Accounting?
  • Budgets are estimates, but with BarEl budgets are moving towards reality or actuals. With BarEl, you can estimate even the expected VAT, withholding Tax, NCIC, Tourism charges automatically on each expenditure transaction.
  • Cash outflows and inflows for expenditure and revenue can be generated automatically
  • General Expenditure and PE expenditure can be shown up to vendor, NationalID, Fund Type, Funding Source, Budget Type, Cost Centre, Revenue Centre, District, Constituency, Ward, Village, Traditional Authority, Village, Programme, Sub-Programme, Province/Region, Zone, Project, Department, Job-Title, Grade, Donor, Project, Programme/Service, Constituency, Item, Sub-Item, Output, Outcome , Objective, Main-Activity, Sub-Activity. These help in detailed analysis of expenditure. For example you can just at a click of a button know how much was spent or will be spent on an activity or a particular zone. It is important to note that most of these have their codes and descriptions. It is also important to note that these items in the accounts chart or classification are optional or can be customized. The accounts chart is automatically generated.
  • Revenue can be shown by Customer, Funding/Receipt Source Description, Budget Type, Vote and Sub vote, Cost/Revenue Centre,District, Traditional Authority, Village, Constituency, Ward, Department, Programme, SubProgramme, Output, Zone, Donor, Project, Main Activity, Sub activity, Item, Sub-Item, Region/Province. Suitable for schools, hospitals and all government institutions.
  • Revenue can be shown by Customer, Department Description, Activity Description, Budget line Code and budget Line Description.
  • BarEl is capable of doing ratio analysis
  • Sales Can be show by Customer, Main Activity, Sub-activity , product Category, Product Item. It is independent of expenditure function.
  • Sales or revenue by customers or a combination of customers with any other category provides a better insight of customers which can provide a basis for Customer Relations Management, Customer care, target marketing, customer database which is crucial for database marketing. Customer history can be a basis for surveys and maintaining relationships.
  • BarEl shows number of days taken to prepare a document from the date the other document was completed. For example, days elapsed between date of cheque and date of payment vouchers.
  • It is modern, accurate, easy to use, can be customized, electronic and paperless.
  • BarEl helps the user to pay the right tax hence tax compliant unlike other systems which promote tax evasion.
  • It has an audit trail component.
  • It is efficient, effective and economical
  • Prices are very low when compared to the benefits or value a customer gets.
  • Once you purchase BarEl, be assured of free products like Pareto Analysis, Forex and Profit Tax Calculation.
BarEl software CAPABILTIES

BarEl software CAPABILTIES are:Forecasting Market demand,market potential, and market share; facilitating Marketing strategies and decisions, facilitating, Operations Management, Calculation of efficiency, capacity utilisation, Preparing business plans, Budgeting, Financing, Accounting, Payroll Management, Revenue and Expenditure Management, Strategic Management &Planning, Balanced Scorecard, M&E, Break Even Analysis, Supply Chain Management, Audit Trail, Project Management, Calculation of Budget At Completion, Cost Performance Index, Estimate At Completion, Schedule Performance Index, Schedule Variance, Earned Value, Variance At Complete, Profit & Loss Account, Balance Sheet, Convenient Point of Sale, Generation of Receipts, Invoices, Quotations, Delivery Notes; Asset Management, Net Profit Tax Calculations, Forex Calculations, Grant Equivalent and Grant Element Calculations, Net Present Value Calculations, Sinking Fund calculations, Preparation of Amortisation schedule, Booking Management, General Management & Decision Making. Set up systems to make your business activity as Simple and straight forward as possible.